Setia Fontaines

Master concept

Inspired by our love for the arts, the township of Setia Fontaines is crafted with the harmonious union between art and nature in mind

The Developments Master Concepts

The story of Setia Fontaines begins with the coming together of dreams, inspired by the prosperity of the Island of Penang and crafted meticulously with ecological equilibrium and artistic presentation. It is a Place inspired by Penang’s heritage, recreated for the world to appreciate and a gift for generations to come. With values such as Faith, Flora & Fauna, Freedom, Family, Feeling, Forward Thinking, Focal Point, Fortune and Future, what began as a dream has now developed into a treasure for generations.

Faith – A Dream of Perfection

Staying faithful to Setia’s roots and DNA of being the “best in all we do”, this is a development that bridged modern living with pristine surrounding, creating a natural topography with a flourishing ecosystem of flora and fauna, and adorned throughout with water features and magnificent fountains.

Family – Where Love Resides

Picture the ideal neighborhood. Fathers teach their sons how to ride a bicycle. Grandparents stroll along with their grandkids, while young couples dream of starting a family. Such an idyllic lifestyle is made possible through emphasis on social activities alongside nature, creating an environment where families spend time together. 

Feeling – Reignite the Senses

See the vibrant colors of wild flowers. Smell the perfume of ornamental plants. Hear the laughter of children intermingle with the music of birds and taste the herbs and spices cultivated in community gardens. This is the realm of poets and artists, where those who desire the finer things in life choose to make their home.

Flora & Fauna Nurturing Harmony

Fostering the intricate balance between human habitation and native flora leads to an incredible living experience. Rejuvenating the senses and creating the perfect atmosphere for life to flourish, it is a place where modern luxuries are enjoyed while its inhabitants are still allowed to become fully immersed in the fascinating biodiversity all around.

Focal Point – The Economic Nexus

Strategically situated alongside the proposed Pan-Asia Railway Network to China, and next to the proposed third link between Penang island and Seberang Prai Utara, Setia Fontaines is set to become the northern centre of gravity, a catalyst for commerce and a vibrant hub for businesses, retail and urban development.

Fortune – Positive Energy

Setia Fontaines design is guided by faith, crafted with feeling, and motivated by freedom. The fruits of these positive factors add up to create a development of good feng shui. It is truly a land of fortune and the quality of life it promises, where nature thrives, communities prosper and families live in happiness.

Forward Thinking – Crafting a Sanctuary, Building a City

Setia Fontaines goes beyond an idyllic sanctuary to envision a city that will serve as a model of smart development with green initiatives.

Future – A Gift to Our Children

By fostering a harmonious co-existence between modern living and the natural environment, we want the endowment of the land to be preserved for the next generation, coupled with a forward thinking sensibility to create a focal point of unlimited potential. Setia Fontaines is indeed the greatest gift we can pass on to our children.