Setia Fontaines

Setia experience centre (SEC)


Setia Experience Centre

Setia Experience Centre (SEC) is the heart of Setia IWC, the International Waterfront Centre of Setia Fontaines.  This is the place to experience the Setia “livelearnworkplay” philosophy in great living. Facing the huge lake and overseeing the Heritage Park, it gives everyone an opportunity to appreciate and reflect on the future.

The Reception

Arriving at The Reception, guests will be greeted with a glass art of a Ship over roaring sea waves. This reminds us how Penang has come this far as a seaport and overcoming the challenges. The beautiful pink onyx as symbol of good luck, “pink” of health and love welcome everyone into the realm of Setia Fontaines.


Multimedia Corner

Indulge in the theatrical displays of information at Multimedia Corner. Experience and explore information about Setia Fontaines’ development at the “touch" screen display panel.

Avatar Garden

Spend some time at the Avatar Garden.  Curated with trees, plants and koi fish.  Golden tiles adorn the pond with water flowing from 4.5m spiral “tree” staircase. The garden will be transformed into glittering garden by the night.  A place to calm your mind and enjoy a serene time.


EC Atelier

A English themed inspired area for a discussion, art activity or afternoon English tea. The setting is perfected with the natural marble long table with interactive projector. 


Children Room

Leave your kids at The Children’s Room while you are busy at SEC either viewing your ideal homes or just having a cuppa at The Straits Hall. Just once in a while, let the kids be in their own world playing and learning from each other. To your surprise, they might not want you to “disturb” them too.


The Straits Hall

Feel the warmth of a Straits Peranakan in a modern way at the Straits Hall. Designed with fine details of the unique peranakan culture, the Straits Hall is designed to host guests with a place for fine dining to just have an afternoon tea. The Straits Hall is equipped with a kitchen for those who want to whipped us a dish or two.
Join us for variety of choicest tea. Ranging from Darjeeling, various type of Liu Pao, Puer, Oolong and seasonal tea from time to time. We are proud that Setia Fontaines will be able to host experimental tea session for tea connoisseurs as well as beginners. There are so many things to share about tea, Penang, trading port and Malaysia.  Come and join us for a Chat over Tea. Not into tea? We served freshly grind coffee too!
The Straits Hall will also from time to time host sessions for tasting and appreciation of fine food & beverage. Do check out at our events and calendars for more information.

The Lounge

The comfortable yet relaxing ambience at The Lounge over looking the lake. Wind down the day with a cup of hot coffee and snacks or just “consume” the Wifi surfing the internet for that nothing else to do hours. A time of pure luxury at Setia Fontaines.

The Multipurpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall in SEC can cater a wide range of functions, such as seminar, meeting, roadshow and private event. We welcome booking for use of the Multi-purpose Hall for both personal and corporate use.