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Year Ended (RM’million)
Profit Before Tax
Profit After Tax
Profit Attributable to owners of the Company
Share Capital
Share Capital - RCPS-i A
Share Capital - RCPS-i B
Equity Attributable to Owners of the Company
Total Assets Employed
Total Net Tangible Assets
Earnings Per Share (sen)
Dividend Per Share (sen)
Net Assets Per Share Attributable to Owners of the Company (RM)
Return On Equity (%)
Net Gearing Ratio (times)
Dividend Payout Ratio (%)
Share Price
- High (RM)
- Low (RM)

Adjusted as a result of applying the pooling of interests method in accounting for the combination arising from the acquisition of I & P Group Sdn. Berhad
("I & P Group")


These represent financial results excluding I & P Group


Restated due to effects of change in accounting policies for the financial years ended 31 October 2012 to 31 October 2014


FY2015 represents 14 months period financial results


After accounted for the weighted average effect of the timing of issuance of RCPS-i A on 2 December 2016


Effects from adoption of Companies Act 2016 – transition to no par value regime


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