Setia Tropika

Key Features

 Setia tropika adopts breakthrough architectural concepts featuring a fusion of contemporary
and modern elements tempered by free-flowing natural motifs and subtle artistic ruances.
Groundbreaking designs are in the works, with a wealth of unique features being planned.


A fully gated and guarded modern township featuring an integrated commercial. Sensible homes crafted for every style of life.

Double Storey Semi-Detached Homes


You might experience the perfect infusion of beauty and practically. The 'Barn-House' style façade instilled in the design brings out the tropical charm while serving well in the local climate as it helps redirect water to the both sides of the house.

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Livistonia IX, contemporary 3-storey shop office with an industrial flair, blending steel, glass, and exposed materials for a sleek aesthetic. The open floor plan and large windows create a versatile, well-lit space, catering to modern business needs with style and functionality.

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Longevia homes are designed for every family size and signify longevity, to provide families with a place that endure the test of time and a heritage worth passing down for generations.

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Calliandra Cluster House are wonderfully designed to form a 96-unit low density enclave with everything you could wish for an more. Each residence comes complete with spacious living and dining areas which engender and elegant yet luxurious interior aesthetic; where the layout creates a stylish setting for your home life.

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Double Storey Semi-Detached Homes

Alocasia Phases 3 & 4

Alocasia offers a collection of elegantly crafted Semi-D homes to fulfill your need for uniqueness and comfort. Drawing inspiration from nature, the homes have augmented natural lighting , beamless design, privacy and functionality for enhanced living, further fortified with Maevi Smart Home featuring energy monitoring , home automation and home security.

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Master Plan


 1.        Show Village                                                        
 2.        Tropika Welcome Centre Setia Sales Gallery      
            (S P Setia, Customer Relations)          
 3.        Retail, F&B, KFC and services                  
 4.        McDonald’s       
 5.        Office Tower                                         
 6.        KDN Complex                                                      
            (Ministry of Home Affairs Complex)                                         
 7.        Petronas                                                             
 8.        Livistonia V, Livistonia VI, Livistonia VII 
 9.        Livistonia Vlll
10.       Livistonia lX                                     
11.       Sky Gardens Residences                                    
12.       Sky Peak Residences                                         
13.       Town Park                                                           
14.       Linear Park                                                           
15.       Surau                                                                    
16.       Basketball Court                                                   
17.       Spice Garden                                                        
18.       Pocket Park
19.       The Pool House
20.       Fenix Villas
21.       Beach Resort Villas @ The Resort
22.       Ski Resort Villas @ The Resort
23.       Twin Villas @ The Resort
24.       Longevia Bungalows @ Fenix Villas
25.       Exclusive Bungalows @ Fenix Villas
26.       The Movint @ Caranday
27.       The Glamor @ Caranday
28.       The Glitz @ Caranday
29.       Licuala Garden Precinct
30.       Areca Green Precinct
31.       Caryota Square Precinct
32.       Dictyo Alba Precinct
33.       Alexandre Avenue Precinct
34.       Elata Vita @ Elata Haven
35.       Elata Nova Precinct
36.       Cycas @ Palmyra Sanctuary
37.       Calidora @ Palmyra Sanctuary
38.       Calliandra @ Palmyra Sanctuary
39.       Alocasia @ Palmyra Sanctuary
40.       Proposed International School
FD.      Future Development


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Tropika Welcome Centre

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday : 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday/Sunday & Public Holidays : 10.00am – 6.00pm

Tropika Welcome Centre Sales Gallery
No. 10 Jalan Setia Tropika 1/21
Taman Setia Tropika
81200 Johor Bahru 

Tel (Sales):
+607 237 2255

Tel (Customer Relations):
+607 237 2555


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