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S P Setia gears up for more launches in Setia Alamsari

With upgrading works and rejuvenation projects in Setia Alamsari coming to an end, S P Setia Bhd general manager of Setia Alamsari, Soh Wai Fong, will shift the focus to enhancing the amenities and facilities of the township.

“We have spent about RM8.3 million on the overall landscaping and rejuvenation of the gardens so far. I’m happy to see the township, especially our Canal Park, is liked and enjoyed by not only the residents here in Setia Alamsari but also the public from the surrounding area. It is one of our most popular parks that is always crowded in the evening,” Soh says. S P Setia took over the township in 2017.

Initially developed by S P ­Setia’s sister company, I&P Group Sdn Bhd, Setia Alamsari was formerly known as Alam Sari. I&P Group started developing the first 432.5-acre parcel in 2007.

Subsequently, in 2017, S P ­Setia bought a 342.5-acre site nearby and acquired I&P Group. The two parcels were then merged into a 775-acre township and rebranded as Setia Alamsari, with a total gross development value (GDV) of RM5.1 billion.

Under the refined master plan, there are eight parks and open spaces spread over the township. Three parks have been completed and opened — the Canal Park, Lake of Reflection and The Lawn. The developer has also upgraded the main access roads, Persiaran Alamsari 1 and 2.

Soh wants to make this township more self-sustainable

S P Setia launched the first commercial phase of Setia Alamsari, called Emporia, in August. About 90% of the 30 double-storey shoplots have been taken up so far. Built-ups range from 3,208 to 6,610 sq ft and units are priced from RM1.57 million.

“It is the first commercial phase [in the township] in the past 15 years. It has been very ­well-received because these shoplots have high visibility as they are located at our main roundabout and right next to the upcoming mosque. Many buyers are anticipating the footfall from the Friday prayers, apart from the residents’ daily needs and services,” he shares.

The mosque, which is located on a 3.51-acre site, will have a capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 people with facilities such as a main prayer hall, classroom, gym, multipurpose hall, staff quarters, rooms, kitchen, mortuary house, management office, children’s playground and slaughter house.

“It is a full-fledged mosque and could easily be one of the biggest in the vicinity. The residents-­initiated project has also become one of our new launches’ biggest pull factors because the majority of our buyers are Malay,” Soh says, adding that the target completion date of the mosque is end-2024.

Soh shares that 98% of buyers are Malay professionals, business owners or white-collar workers from Bangi and Kajang, with some from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, as well as a minority from the other states and areas.

The mosque, which is located on a 3.51-acre site in Setia Alamsari, will have a capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 people (Photo by S P Setia)

“We do have buyers from other areas, even from other states, buying our houses here because of the mosque. Besides, Setia Alamsari is a development that ticks all the boxes for the Malay community — family-oriented concept and design, serene and lush environment, plus the upcoming mosque. In fact, the houses around the mosque sold out very fast,” Soh says.

Adjacent to the mosque are the Verdale bungalows, which were launched in December 2019. There are 47 two-storey bungalows with built-ups ranging from 3,161 to 3,881 sq ft and selling from RM1.97 million. It was fully taken up even though the upscale product was launched during the pandemic.

“We are handing over the Verdale bungalows in mid-October, and the Edence & Florence next to them by the end of this year,” Soh says.

Similar to Verdale bungalows, Edence & Florence is an upscale phase that consists of 36 ­double-storey semi-detached houses with a built-up of 3,118 sq ft. The selling price starts at RM1.52 million and 92% of it has been sold since the launch in September 2020.

“To be honest, we were unsure of the market’s response to these high-end landed properties when we first introduced them, but to our pleasant surprise, they were very well-received. In March this year, we launched another phase of bungalows called Serambi ­Villa. Only 30% has been sold so far, mainly due to the current higher than expected loan rejection rate. However, we don’t have a problem getting buyers. It is just that the process of concluding the deal is longer,” Soh shares.

Also for sale now are Caressa and Caralyn 1, double-storey cluster homes situated in the southern part of Setia Alamsari.

The Canal Park is one of the three completed parks in Setia Alamsari (Photo by SP Setia)

Caressa has 88 units of cluster homes with built-ups ranging from 1,963 to 2,022 sq ft. It was launched in September 2022 with a selling price of RM788,000 and the take-up rate was 93% as at early October.

Meanwhile, Caralyn 1 comprises 44 cluster homes located next to Caressa with similar built-ups and pricing. It is 60% sold so far.

Soh attributes the success of the launches to the strong purchasing power of the locality and the unit layouts that were designed from the perspective of users.

“Our target buyers are Malays, who usually have bigger families. That is why we have the flexible layout design, which allows the buyer to turn the family area on the first floor into a bedroom, or leave it to be a prayer room.

“I know more developers have taken the family area of the first floor out to make each room bigger for better space utilisation because the space often ends up as a messy storage space. However, for the Malay community, it is a bonus space that they can use for prayer, or wall up to be an extra room with a window (because Caressa and Caralyn are cluster homes) for their third or fourth child,” Soh explains.

Following the success of Caressa and Caralyn 1, S P Setia plans to launch Caralyn 2, which will consist of 44 double-storey cluster homes, by the end of this year or early next year, depending on government approval. The new phase will have built-ups of 1,945 to 2,011 sq ft and an estimated selling price of RM833,000.

Other launches in the pipeline are Candella 1 (cluster homes) and Aderny (double-storey terraced homes), which are scheduled for launch next year.

Clockwise from top: Artist’s impressions of Caralyn; Serambi Villa and Lake of Reflection; Casablanca Park located next to Caralyn

“In the past few years, we have been more focused on upgrading and enhancing the overall environment of the township. From this year onwards, we are focusing more on new launches and providing more amenities to make this township more self-sustainable.

“We have put up ads to sell two pieces of petrol station land within the township. We are also planning to build two single-storey dine-in/drive-through restaurants, which will be located opposite Emporia. At the same time, we will continue to add more facilities such as pocket parks and pavilions,” Soh says.

Soh is optimistic about the future of the township given the successful rebranding and rejuvenation projects as well as other external catalysts such as the announcement of the Putrajaya Bangi Expressway, which will ease the traffic coming in and out of the township.

The developer is also looking at improving connectivity and upgrading access roads. It recently completed a new link on the eastern side of the township and is awaiting approval from the ­Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) for its opening.

The new link will connect the residents to Jalan Bangi Lama and Semenyih, cutting the travel time by 20 minutes, according to Soh. He foresees it will bring more people into the township.

Setia Alamsari is well connected to highways such as the ­KL-Seremban Highway, ­Kajang-Seremban Highway and Kajang SILK Highway. It is near amenities such as UKM KTM station, Bangi Gateway, IOI City Mall, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Bangi Golf Club, Stadium Kajang, the German-Malaysian Institute and KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital.