Caring for those who need it most, that’s the essence of being Setia to our community.

Who We Are

We are invested in the future of our nation, lending a helping hand to underprivileged Malaysians since 2000. Our projects are all designed to create positive impact, foster integration and national unity and to cultivate a more caring society.

Trust Deed

These are our objectives as specified in our Trust Deed:

  • Assisting in the advancement of the education of disadvantaged pupils in Malaysia.
  • Performing initiatives which cater for the relief of distress amongst Malaysians affected by epidemics of diseases, natural disasters or other similar emergencies.
  • Providing assistance in meeting the needs of Malaysians who are underprivileged, disabled, poverty stricken or critically ill.
  • Organising activities that will promote national unity through education, sports, culture or the arts, particularly amongst the youth of various races.

Board of Trustees & Management Committee

Meet the individuals spearheading our corporate responsibility initiatives.

Setia Care Bear

Meet our Setia Care Bear – he loves and cares for everyone, and wants only the best for all the children of Malaysia. His mission in life is to spread joy and happiness, wherever he goes.

What We DO

Every child deserves the chance to excel. The Setia Caring School Programme aims to give underperforming schools a leg up, working hand in hand with teachers and parents to instil academic success, moral values and ethical behaviour in our nation’s future leaders.

Humble Beginnings

Caring does not need to be complex actions powered by high budgets. In fact, the tiniest gestures can bring light into the lives of those who need it most. It’s all about where your heart is.

Our caring school project is predicated on a simple premise – “We Care”.

In early 2015, the Setia Caring School Programme was officially launched by S P Setia Foundation. The goal was to encourage schools in Malaysia to promote the idea of caring, from their own perspectives, while also promoting national unity.

To start with, the Foundation selected three adopted schools, to date, they have six – SK Kota Dalam, SK Felda Bukit Permai, SJKT Ladang Kulai Besar, SJKC See Long in Johor and SK Batu Ferringhi, SJKC Aik Hua and SJKT Tasek Permai in Penang.

Various integrated activities have been organised to inculcate caring and to promote a sense of oneness in diversity among students, teachers, parents and the community. Unity is a powerful strength, and the Foundation will always work closely together with the public and corporate sector to promote a caring and harmonious nation.

With encouragement and the freedom to be creative, we find many schools in Malaysia coming up with novel ways to promoting the idea of caring including the “hug a child a day” initiative, celebrating birthdays of students during the weekly school assembly, and teachers voluntarily preparing breakfast for students. There are also schools that encourage their students to visit unwell teachers with cakes and get-well-soon cards. Some students also visit old folks home to bring cheer to the elderly.

A simple gesture of caring can heal the physically and emotionally injured; can offer love where none exists; can drive a sense of responsibility, an interest to do good, and can create a sense of solidarity and unity among multi-racial students.

If we can teach our children to care, isn’t it conceivable that they will be able to create a much brighter future, together?

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Six Caring Areas

We encourage care in six major areas.

Adopted Schools

S P Setia Foundation aspires to leave behind a strong culture of success that shall become the legacy of the schools that bears the imprint of S P Setia’s intervention. The Setia schools shall produce:

  • Students who are successful in both academic and non-academic areas.
  • Students with high moral standards.
  • Students who demonstrate good behaviour and good values.
  • A community conscious student body with a high sense of empathy for the disadvantaged and prepared to lend a helping hand in whatever form or manner irrespective of race, colour or creed.
  • Enlightened future leaders who are imbued with a high sense of altruism whose eternal remit would be to build a united and prosperous Malaysia irrespective of race, culture or creed.


We’ve achieved so much together, we simply cannot wait to do more.

What you can do

We believe you can play a role in giving back to the community. We welcome you to be part of us as a volunteer and together we make a difference.


Join us to experience the difference you can make.