"integrated mixed-use and transit-oriented development"

This five-storey retail offers approximately 250,000 sqft

centred on the values of “Live, Learn, Work, Play” through the pillars known as LivINC, LearnINC, WorkINC and PlayINC.

Retail and lifestyle options can be found in INC, formerly known as KL Eco City Mall. INC is about bringing together the community through sustainability, knowledge, innovation and networking. It is set to play a role in encouraging business and community growth.

INC KL Eco City's sophiscated streetscape environment is enhanced by the elevated gardens at multiple levels which introduce natural daylight into the interior. At the topmost level, escalators rise into glass enclusures which open out onto the Green Deck, a landscape terrace.

INC will be a natual point of convergence, providing numerous opportunities for those who work in KL Eco City to establish a highly satisfactory work-life balance.