S P Setia Foundation raises RM7.13mil at Charity Dinner

Date: 17-Aug-2019
SETIA ALAM –  Setia Foundation, the charity arm of S P Setia Berhad, raised RM7.13mil to fund its initiatives at the Setia Foundation Charity Dinner yesterday evening.
With the aim of helping underprivileged individuals and organisations, the proceeds will be used to fund Setia Foundation’s core programme, Setia Caring School Programme (SCSP). It will also be channelled to other charitable activities such as natural disaster relief, general welfare, and medical assistance. Since the fund’s inception, the Foundation has raised more than RM50mil.
Setia Foundation, through SCSP, adopts six underperforming schools from Johor and Penang. It organises activities as a supplement to what students learn in a classroom environment, and to cultivate future leaders who are grounded in values. To date, more than 5,000 students and 150 teachers have benefitted from the programme’s activities.
Amongst the various activities held last year was the SCSP Hydrotheraphy where water therapy sessions helped students with disabilities to improve body movement, co-ordination and muscle awareness.
The Wira Chef activity paired students from low-performing classes with a fellow student or an adult in cooking classes to hone students’ life skills through teamwork exercises. Through this activity, students were taught compassion and empathy as the food prepared would later be donated to those in need.
In addition, Setia Foundation organised the Green Ranger programme where the students were taken to explore the wonders of nature. They were taught sustainable farming methods and learn about insects and reptiles at a field trip to Entopia in Penang.
One of the notable results of the campaign was the recognition of every first week of April as National Kindness Week which saw thousands of students organise “Kindness Projects” in schools across the country. This year’s campaign even garnered attention from international K-pop sensation and UNICEF special representative, Choi Siwon, who pledged his support in championing for a kinder society.

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