Introducing a friendly hassle-free loan that provides differential sum assistance,
so you can afford to purchase your dream property whenever you want!

What is SEAL?

Setia Express Advance Loan, a scheme that enables eligible purchasers of Completed Property¹ to obtain a Differential Sum Loan (DSL) from S P Setia Technology Sdn Bhd² to finance the differential sum between the Purchase Price of the Completed Property¹ and the purchaser’s End Financing Loan (EFL) amount.

Who will benefit from SEAL?

All new purchasers of Completed Property¹ particularly:

  • Upgraders who wish to access their EPF money for the purchase.
  • Upgraders who wish to sell off their current house after shifting to a new house.
  • Investors who have 3 or more property loans and need time to encash some profit from their investment to finance the purchase.

Criteria for Differential Sum Loan (DSL) application

  • Execute the Sale & Purchase Agreement.
  • Settle the 1st 10% down payment.
  • Submit purchaser’s duly accepted Letter of Offer for the End Financing Loan (EFL) from Financial Institution³.
  • Obtain minimum End Financing Loan (EFL) margin of 60%.

How do I apply for the Differential Sum Loan (DSL)?

Please submit a Differential Sum Loan (DSL) application form (available at Sales Gallery) to the Sales & Marketing Personnel.

Terms and conditions apply.
¹ Participating Setia Property with CFO or CCC
² A wholly own subsidiary of S P Setia Berhad
³ Please check with the Developer on the End Financiers' list

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